Special Notice

Our Phone Number Has Changed

(712) 882-3355


Due to a catastrophic failure of my previous phone; a new phone needed installation to solve various problems. I hope this change minimally impacts my visitors and customers.  Our goal in creating this company was and still is to provide decorative wood products for the home and office. We consistently try to produce products that are informative, useful, entertaining and most importantly fun!

The primary selling outlets for our products is Craft Fairs, Bazaars,  County Fairs, Harvest Festivities,  and other similar venues. We are always interested in attending new locations in and near western Iowa.

If you know of a show/venue that our products would be suited for, please send an email to soldierwoodworking@gmail.com. You might even have the event coordinator contact us directly. (Contact Info Page). We are extremely interested in looking into the details and adding those venues that appear to be a good fit for the products we make. Note: We try to limit travel time to 1-2 hours from the shop (Soldier, Iowa) to a venue. Any more travel time than that requires an overnight stay which may likely make the visit cost prohibitive. Simply put. Anything further away than Des Monies, Iowa is generally too far away.

Don’t forget to check out the Calendar of Events page. There you will find our current schedule of event locations we plan to attend during the year.