You have entered the wonderful world of the scroll saw. 

Scroll Saw Left Angle
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Definition of a scroll saw by Merriam-Webster Dictionary is:

2:   A machine saw with a table for supporting the material and a narrow vertically reciprocating blade for cutting curved lines or ornamental openwork patterns.

How is the scroll saw used?

Typically, a pattern is created and adhered to the wood, plastic or metal medium to be cut.

Once the pattern is attached to the project. Holes of appropriate diameter are drilled  to insert the blade being used to cut out the project. This drill / insert blade process continues throughout the project until completion.

Some projects don’t need to have holes drilled because they are cut with the ‘fallout’ piece  being what you want to keep. A solid round disc for example.

Virtually every product I make is done using the DIBC (Drill, Insert Blade, Cut) method.

Check out my product store for examples of cutting styles and methods I employ for various projects.

Wood Framed Coyote

Here is an example of serious drill / insert blade / cut (DBIC) and then do it again throughout the entire project.

Scroll Saw Blade Divider
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